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Please contact me directly to inquire about classes. Classes happen once a month, I only accept four students per class and run them sporadically. E-mail me at nathaleenathalee@gmail.com



My collections are timeless and growing. My studio was founded in 2016, Vancouver, BC. Nathalee Paolinelli draws from nature to create unique porcelain prices. This collection is intended to endure with elegance and character. The objects are precious and sculptural, but also useful and practical.



All ceramics are made by hand in Vancouver, Canada. I use the highest quality porcelain to create unique objects to enjoy a lifetime. I take great pride in each piece as I am involved in the entire process from wedging to bisque fire. Glazing and packaging. every object is one of a kind, as no two are exactly the same. These are objects made by my hands, not a mass produced product.



Shipping on all orders is paid for by the client.



In order to have the best life for your new ceramic, please hand wash and dry each piece. Ensure that your piece is dry between use. Magic erasers will almost always remove a mark left by floral debris. All glazes over time may change, this process is unique to each glaze. For instance, a mirror glaze over time may turn golden. It is a beautiful process and is very slow. The crackle glaze may become more defined over time. This is a very beautiful process to witness.



All orders require a 30% deposit. Please contact me if you have questions at nathaleenathalee@gmail.com (604) 773 4395.



I have a variety of one of a kind ceramics available, If you would like to view these ceramics please send me an email and make an appointment. I can do in person viewing or a zoom meeting.